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For over a decade, Jules is specialist software and cloud solutions provider to the energy sector.

Together we are creating technologies and solutions that support the energy transition. Jules creates new value propositions. Our team has deep commitment to innovation and progress.

We serve energy retail companies, energy consultants, brokers and B2B-customers.

Our solutions allow for online energy transacting, both spot and future market transacting of electricity and gas in the energy retail space.

Snapshot from an article published in The Netherlands Financial Times in June 2022:

Meet Jules Energy, a Netherlands-based energy tech solution provider that allows its users to benefit from dynamic access to wholesale energy market-based pricing and products. “We allow energy suppliers to execute any kind of flexible contract that a B2B energy customer could conceive. This way, energy suppliers can execute flexible deals whilst being directly or indirectly exposed to the wholesale market price and market developments,” starts Jos den Broeder, co-founder and CEO of Jules Energy.

Through a revolutionary, cloud-based platform, Jules Energy allows energy suppliers to execute flexible contracts not only with their consuming customers but also with ones that possess generation assets and demand response assets. The platform helps suppliers overcome the pain of fluctuating energy rates. “Our system allows users to forecast power production and power consumption and translate that into forward as well as spot market hedges based. In this way, you make smart use of fluctuating prices during a particular day” explains Den Broeder.

Jules Energy’s Platform-as-a-Provider (PaaS) solution is a two-way web-based platform that has energy supplier and customer portals, linked together. The data of many products such as power, gas, and other energies supplied from an end supplier to a customer can be transferred and further recorded from this platform. The digitalised, automated processes result in fewer errors and lead to back-office cost savings. The platform “puts the steering wheel in the hands of the end customer” with pricing data of products on their screen. The prices shown come from the energy supplier as well as individual customer bespoke transaction limits. As such, concluded prices, their positions in the market, and price forecasts are accessible with just a few clicks.

Besides a large number of meaningful functions to digitally execute an energy contract, the Jules Energy 24/7 platform has carved a niche in the marketplace for being a one-stop-shop that covers not only the supply of energy but also the capacity markets and the destruction of generation assets. Essentially, Jules Energy’s customers can engage in energy trading through a personal, secure environment, and see instant results of their production, purchasing, and positions at a glance.

Our people

Our development team is strategically located in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom
with planned expansion in the United States in 2022. Market development and account
management staff is located in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the US.

Jos den Broeder

Chief Executive Officer

Gerbert Nuijen

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Appels

Chief Operations Officer

Arjan Houtman

Lead Software Engineer

Michael Pallett

Sales Manager UK

Dane Turville

Lead Operations

Andrii Shutka

Operations Engineer

Lauren Inglis

Customer Success Manager

Fleur den Broeder

Administrative Assistant


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